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Customer Number is a phone directory which has a professional and qualified work team who is available 24/7 for resolving any doubt or problem with any company. In this website you will find the phone number you are looking for, including the Adecco phone number. So you just keep reading if you want more information about this company.

What is Adecco?

Adecco is the leading company between the majority of human resourcing companies all over the world. It has over 5,500 branches throughout 60 countries around the world and it employs more than 33,000 workers. The company was born in 1996 when the Swiss company Adia Interim joined the French Ecco. Both companies were growing rapidly in their home countries. When they merged, they formed the current global group that has been progressively expanding abroad.

Adecco’s chairman is Rolf Döring and Patrick De Maeseneire is its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The headquarters of the company are located in Zurich-Glattbrugg, Switzerland, but its key markets are established in important countries like Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Japan, Australia and part of North America. Adecco also internationally operates with many different brands, but the main important ones are on first place Adecco itself, and others like Modis, Badenoch & Clark, Spring Proffesional, Pontoon and Lee Hecht Harrison.

Adecco services

The group connects more than 650,000 associates with 100,000 clients a day, offering a wide range of services. You can turn to them to ask for consulting, temporary or permanent placement and outsourcing, as well as talent development and career transition. If you have doubts about its services, you have the Adecco customer care service in which you can contact Adecco.

Contact to Adecco

Finally, if you are searching the Adecco contact or you want to call Adecco, our Customer number’s team helps you in your task whenever you need it. In the same way, you can get the phone numbers of other companies which pertain to the human resourcing branch or any other of your interests.

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