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Maybe you are looking for the Apple contact for making any question about its services, so in Customer Number you will find the main information about this company.

What is Apple?

Apple is an American multinational corporation with headquarters in California and in Dublin, Ireland. Apple designs, develops and sells electronic devices and software. Apple is world-wide known for its Mac computer line and for its telephone devices, the iPhone, and the iPad tablet. It has a number of exlusive software such as Safari, iLive and iWork. The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977. Apple has a very significant brand logo, the famous “bitten apple”, designed by Rob Janoff, it was designed in the year 1977 and according to its creator: “the apple is bitten so it is not confused with a cherry”.
Apple also offers AppleCare Protection Plan, which is a service offered by the company and that is very useful because it gives users the ability to answer questions on maintenance and technical support through a phone call. This is very convenient for users and is usually effective because most of the brand’s parts are manufactured by themselves, so its experts can help quickly. In addition, this service also offers users the possibility of applying the rapid replacement service, even in foreign countries. The Apple Company is responsible for providing support and facilities to customers, which is a strong point of the brand.

Apple Customer Care Services

Apple also offers AppleCare Protection Plan, which is a service offered by this company and it is very useful as it gives users the ability to answer questions about maintenance and technical support through a phone call.
If you need to contact Apple, you can use our telephone information about this service in and we will put you in contact with Apple customer service.

Contact to Apple

In the directory of you can check Apple’s telephone number and quickly you’ll be able to resolve any questions you need.

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2 8083 9400 Sidney Store
8 7088 5300 Apple Rundle Place

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