Celebrate Disneyland 25th Anniversary!

Do you want to feel the magic and living a unique and irresistible experience? So, your place is Disneyland Paris. If you want to spend some days with your family, this European Amusement Park celebrates its 25th anniversary with a lot of special activities from 26th march 2017 for making you feel as excited as a kid in this special date.

Disney Company owns the most recognized park all over Europe, and this organisation has proposed to renovate some of its facilities and other more interesting aspects inside the enclosure, like some new live spectacles and floats. Are you going to lose this experience?

The Disneyland Paris Park is the main touristic destination or Europe; it includes two theme parks, and also a large number of restaurants, spectacles for kids and adults and a unique target: making everybody enjoy. From 26th March the park will offer new programmes for partying, where “Disney Illuminations” will be the leading one. Illuminations will make the most known castle of Disney, the Cinderella’s Castle, transforms itself making every day more magic than the previous one.

There are more surprises in this celebration. There is a new fun parade in which we will see many of the main characters of Disney movies. Characters like Buzz Lightyear will be in company with Woody and Andy’s toys, but there will be Simba, Nala or Baloo too. We can’t forget the Star Tour: The Adventure Continue, an special tour made for Star Wars fans where we could recreate the saga scenarios and feel as we are on there.

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