The latest trends this summer

Today what means “Fashion” means “Trend”, and this recent summer season the leading brand-new fabric is velvet. This type of apparel triumphed las winter and this summer strongly arrives again far from abandoning us, and it is clearly imposed as a star fabric on the swimming line.

All the fashion companies have incorporated this hibernal fabric as one of their main fabrics in their fashion swimwear for this summer; swimsuits and velvet bikinis have become trend in our beaches and bathing areas like swimming pools. If you want to feel the latest fashion trend, you need to opt for wearing velvet in any of its colour ranges, from purple, passion red, or even “naked” colour.

As we know, the “naked” colour is a risky bet because it doesn’t fit properly to all kind of people. However, singer Katy Perry’s and other celebrities have strongly bet by this colour, including it on their wardrobes as one of their favourite options in their swimwear.

Although the most interesting thing about the velvet bikini is that not only big fashion brands have opted to include it in their bathroom collections for this season. National fashion brands like Elizabeth Arden offer very flattering designs at very competitive prices if we compare to its competitors.

Furthermore, the top of the bikini can be worn in combination with shorts or transparent fabrics to achieve a more sophisticated look. If you want to find the phone of any of these companies and much more, the telephone directory called Customer Number will provide you the phone number of Elizabeth Arden Australia or others or, if you want, it will put you in direct contact with the company of your choice.

On the other hand, there is another trend for this summer that seems that is a repetitive trend every year when the hot comes: Joining to a Gym club. People find the necessity of getting on fit before summer arrives and decide to join to a gym for improving, increasing their muscles and balancing their shapes for looking as being a model on the beach. There are a lot of fitness clubs in Australia, but some of the leading gyms in this country are iFitness and Curves if we think just in female public, so if you need in any

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