The “Millionaire” Error 53

When it arrives the moment that your iPhone shows the famous “Error 53” on its screen, it definitely stops working and your data gets irrecoverable. In this context the iPhone’s “Error 53” is very popular, and depending on the person it could be seen as a useful security measure or on the contrary as an illegal and monopolistic practise.

The problem comes when you have an issue on the Touch ID of your device. When you decide to solve this problem and you prefer to repair your phone in another place instead of the Apple customer care service, the problem gets higher and higher. This reason is mainly due to a screen replacement without the official permission, so you can opt for the cheapest and risky option or the most expensive and official one.

Because all of this, the ACCC organisation (Australian Competition and Consumer Comission) of Australia, which treats to defend the consumers, has decided to file a claim to the iOS company alleging  that it used a software update as an excuse for making iPhones and iPads that had been repaired by external enterprises to stop functioning. The ACCC reacted against Apple with the claim because of its deceptive representations of the consumers’ guarantees.

As the ACCC’s chairman Rod Sims said, the consumer guarantee rights of the Australian Consumer Law independently exist of the warranty of every manufacturer and they don’t simply extinguish because a consumer has repaired goods by a third party. In addition to this, the Law says that consumers are entitled to have their goods fixed or replaced without any cost to them in situations where the goods or services are not of an acceptable quality. Besides Mr. Sims defend that those consumer guarantees extend to software and that includes the updates.

In this context, the ACCC has taken Apple to the Court and it is alleging breaches of the law relating to near three hundred customers, carrying a millionaire penalty.

At last, if you know somebody who has suffered the Error 53, don’t doubt about it and contact to the Apple phone number, maybe thank to organisations like ACCC you can solve your problems. If you don’t know where to look for it, our Customer Number team is ready for helping you on whatever you need.


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