The success of the new campaign Oysho

The famous lingerie brand Oysho has just introduced a new campaign for its Basics clothing Sotf which was a success. The success of this campaign is in its protagonist: a remote mannequin dummies stereotypes podiums sell. However, Inditex brand has not sold this collection as the one where the protagonist is a woman with curves but one that simply tries to sell an image with which many women can relate to. The Oysho lingerie campaign can not yet be measured in the sales success but it has been widely accepted in social networks. In the images of this campaign we can see a woman who is away from traditional models of perfect body without a drop of fat so it is separated from conventionalisms podiums and promotes a healthier image. From now on, the brand’s sizes are available from XS to XL.

Before Oysho, other brands such as Mango and Zara had already introduced changes in their collections. Mango launched in 2014 the line Violeta by Mango, a line designed for larger clothes. In another, in May, Zara has increased the size of his clothes until XXL. Not only clothing brands are beginning to change the stereotype of women sold into the world of fashion, but the models themselves have joined the fight through the #NoSizeFitsAll campaign, a campaign launched on social networks that defend larger sizes for clothing and healthier models.

If you want to call Oysho, or to find out more about this campaign, for prices or for any other questions, do not hesitate and call the customer service number Oysho via our telephone directory.

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