76 years after the death of Amy Johnson, the first female who became air pilot and achieved to fly by herself from England to Australia, we are celebrating a worldwide festival in honour of every woman. However, it is true that when we think on an air pilot, our first image is a man. Female pilots are considered as a rarity and the proportion of women between men in charge of the aircrafts stills miniscule, even it is coming up slowly.
There are many organisations like the BWPA (British Women Pilots’ Association) which treat to ensure the consideration of the female pilots. BWPA has currently more than 300 members and they focus their activities on supporting women pilots for more than 60 years. Female pilots are methodical; they don’t take risks or distractions, so the evidence says that women have what is needed to be safe pilots or engineers. The main question here is why in the whole word just a 3% of them are doing this career?
In Australia, the percentage of women as pilots is just around 5% from the total: They are thought more as tray carriers or stuff, position where the average increases highly and suppose at the same time a serious issue for its image.
To react against this problem, Airlines like EasyJet are introducing different measures to attract female applicants to this position. On one hand, this airline launched an initiative called “Amy Johnson Initiative” focusing on raising the percentage of women in charge of the airplanes up to a 12% by 2015 that turned into a 20% once the company reached that first goal and until 2020 (an average of 50 female pilots a year). On the other hand, air companies like Qantas have arrived to the conclusion that there is a shortage of air pilots, and they have decided to concentrate in hiring women to solve this.
Finally, progress is coming step by step, thank to companies that try to place women in equal positions as air pilots as much as another different job. There is a phone directory called customernumber, a website where you will find phone numbers of air companies which try to solve the equality lack like EasyJet or Qantas.


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