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Maybe you are trying to contact Centrelink. In Customer Number you will find the most relevant information of Centrelink, as well as its phone number.

What is Centrelink?

Centrelink (or Centrelink Master Program) is a program provided by de Australian Government and managed by the Department of Human Services. This program bases its goals in delivering a wide range of payments and services for people who need a financial injection. In this context, the majority of Centrelink’s services are focused on the disbursement of social security payments.

In addition, Centrelink offers payments for carers, families, indigenous australians, job seekers, older australians, students, and people from different cultures and languages. Moreover, from the Centrelink official website you can download a telephone app so that you can do some Centrelink business from your mobile device in an easier and simple way. You can call Centrelink from this app too.

About Centrelink

Centrelink was created in 1997, starting as a government agency of the Department of Social Security, under the trading name of Commonwealth Services Delivery Agency (CSDA). But it was not until July 2011 when it became integrated into the Department of Human Services of the Government together with the health care company known as Medicare Australia, maintaining its brand name for the master programs.

Nowadays, Centrelink has an official webpage where you can do many different things: use the Payment Finder, a service that helps you exploring payments based on your own situation; “Report”, where you can lodge your reporting statement for Newstart Allowance; Calculate, estimate or compare different payment rates; and create and log into a personal account where the Centrelink customer service will help you with any doubt.

How to contact to Centrelink

Finally, if you are looking for the Centrelink phone number, from Customer Number our team make sure you find the Centrelink contact and give you its telephone number.

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  1. sandra says:

    I wanting to do a batchelor of medicine at either Notre Dam in Sydney or WA or Deakin Geelong next year – I turned 21 in April. Am I entitled to any centre link payments if I apply at any of these universities for this course.

  2. H. Boevink says:

    My mother died and had a pension from Australia. How to notify the right department?

  3. Carey Murray says:

    I need a centrelink 1800 no as I live in a remote area, this being Agnes Water.

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