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132 777

Maybe you are looking for the Commander Phone number in Australia because you need to contact Commander for different reasons. So well, you can stop searching because you have a website where you can find this one and other telephones of the main enterprises of the Australian continent, and it is called Customer Number. If you still reading, you will learn more about Commander.

What is Commander?

Commander is a telecommunications company set in Australia. The company started to operate with a franchising scheme in 2006, when it set up a “Commander Center” franchise in Tasmania. Soon Commander sold over 30 other “Commander Centre” franchises.
Some years ago, in 2009, Commander was sold to M2 Telecommunications due to some financing problems. M2 maintained the Commander Centre presence throughout Australia.

Commander Services

Furthermore, Commander is specialized on business communications. It is focused on providing technology solutions and communications for Australian businesses from more than 30 years. Also this company provides all the necessary tools for making businesses staying connected, offering services that involve all forms of communications: mobile, broadband, office phone, and data technologies. If you have any doubt about its services, you have the Commander Customer care service, a service which has an active Live Chat where you can ask for any request.

The Commander Customer Care centre provides access to a highly responsive staff which will solve any communication need, including these tasks that involve any technical support. This team will always give to your business an integrated solution.

Contact to Commander

To sum up, if you still looking for the Commander Contact, here in the website of Customer Number our team will be glad for supporting you to call Commander, as well as giving you the phone number of this company and of any company that you are looking for in Australia.

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137 090
132 777 Sales
(03) 6331 0000 Support
No offer for the moment
Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

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