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Insurance companies are created for providing coverage specialized in many branches like Health, Accidents, Home or Cars in exchange for high amounts of money. These types of enterprises calculate the possible risk of the loss, damage, injury or hardship and then determine a cost to replace and economically solve that problem. So that, there are many Insurance Enterprises, and in Customer Number we can provide you the phone number of any of the Australian Insurance Companies that you are searching for, like the IAG phone number.

What is IAG?

Insurance Australia Group is an Australian company pertaining to a multinational insurances’ group. It was founded in 2000, after the NRMA Insurance Company was demutualized. This company changed its name to IAG, or Insurance Australia Group.

How does IAG work?

IAG is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Nevertheless, it operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, plus some parts of Asia (such as Thailand, Malaysia and China) and the United Kingdom.
The company counts with more than 12,000 employees. IAG’s chairman is Brian Schwartz and its CEO is Michael Wilkins. Its net profit by the end of 2016 was of $446m, a quantity that remains strong to its market position.

Furthermore, IAG sells insurances under leading brands like NRMA Insurance, SGIO, SGIC, Swann Insurance, Lumley, WFI, NZI or  AAA Assurance. In the IAG official webpage we can know about recent news or learn about the different insurances that it offers and contact IAG to resolve any claim or enquiry, request or to hire a new insurance.

Contact to IAG

It’s not easy to find a specific phone number and there are organisations that focus their tasks on providing these numbers. Finally, if you still trying to find the IAG contact because you need to call IAG you just should stay in Customer Number because we have a quality team that is available 24/7 for helping you on your search.

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