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Kabayan Hotel Pasay
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Are you looking for the Kabayan Hotel Pasay phone number? This webpage, called Customer Number is an online service which lets you find many telephone numbers of Austrialia and its nearest territories, as well as information of some of the main companies of this country.

If you continue on this webpage, you will get more information about Kabayan Hotel Pasay and the Kabayan Hotel Pasay contact too.

What is Kabayan Hotel Pasay?

Kabayan Hotel Pasay is a quality Filipino Hotel which bases its activities on offering hostage, amenities, restaurant and a place for special events. This hotel tries to provide its customers an experience beyond the visit, making them feel as VIP people.

Kabayan Hotel Pasay is located on Pasay City, Philippines. Kabayan is also managed by Legend Hotels International Corportation, a known hotels’ group that works on Philippines as well and manage others like Pinoypamilya, The Legend Palowan, or Eartheaven. Kabayan Hotel Pasay has its own restaurant and it offers quality room services for making sure that clients feel comfortable during their visits.
Kabayan Hotel Pasay has meeting rooms, a business centre, secure luggage-deposit area. Moreover, it offers a large number of facilities such as airport transfers, car rental, and on-call massage treatments, all of them thought for ensuring the customers’ satisfaction.

The Kabayan Rooms

Thanks to the Kabayan Hotel Pasay official webpage users can see what type of rooms are available at the hotel. In this context, the Team Room is thought for that people who travels in a group or in family, the Standard and Kapsule rooms, where the first one has been created for ensuring privacy in family, and the second one at the contrary; it is a room with 4, 8 or 10 capsules developed by Japanese technology thought for being comfortable and not necessarily private.

We can find out Dormitory rooms, and two more different types, the Pad rooms and the Flat rooms. In both rooms we find two more subdivisions, in the one hand we have the “Solo” rooms and in the other hand the “Twin” rooms.

Contact to Kabayan Hotel

Finally, if you need to call Kabayan Hotel Pasay, Customer Number is your webpage.

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