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Free phone number and customer care telephone number for Medicare: (click to call from mobile)

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Health Care is a duty in our society. Maybe you want to call Medicare, so do not worry about it, in Customer Number we give you all the information that you need.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a government endorsed scheme that offers payments and services to ensure the good health of Australian residents. It is an operation provided by the Department of Human Services in Australia. Among other things, Medicare covers free or subsidized treatment and provides sick people with professional treatment, provided by doctors, nurses, midwives and other medical specialists. However, users of Medicare can be better informed if they consult the Medicare Benefits Schedule, otherwise known as, MBS, the publication that includes the services subsidized by Medicare.

Do you want to be part of Medicare?

To become a part of Medicare, users must fill out the relevant application form along with identity and proof of residence to the local service centre closest to the user.

Once this has been submitted, the user must then register their bank account details, this can be done by; accessing your Medicare account through myGov, completing a form to supply your bank details, in person at your local centre and of course by using the Medicare phone number to speak directly and securely to an operative. By using our Medicare contact number, this will ensure the user is delivered a prompt and clear level of service to assist with any necessary needs. Claiming for any services used under Medicare is simple and quick, and you can make a claim for anyone that appears on your Medicare care and should you find yourself paying for the medical expenses of another, you can claim for this also.

Find the Medicare contact

The Medicare contact will have limited access or is closed during public holidays, so it is essential should you wish to speak to someone urgently that you endeavour to ring during normal business hours. There is more than one Medicare number and you can ring to access different areas applicable to your need. The phone directory gives all kind of information about Australian companies in order to help users.

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132 150 Medicare provider enquiries
132 290 PBS general enquiries
1800 552 152 Customers with additional needs
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Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm

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    Hi my mother has lost her medi care card how do we go about applying for another another one my has tried the contact number but gets no response as she has recently come out of hospital she is finding it quite difficult to navigate the system My mother does not have a computer

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    I have lost my medicare card I have been Fremantle office. Twice and I have never received it ever and really need it

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    we are travelling to Norfolk island in October and wish to know if Medicare is now universally accessed there now since July 2016

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