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If you are trying to find the Optus phone number or you want to contact Optus because you need to ask any question about its services, here in customernumber.com.au we will help you and also we will give you an extra info about this telecommunications company. Just keep reading for more info.

What is Optus?

Optus is a telecommunications company founded in 1981 with the original name of Aussat. It is a subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications, better known as SingTel. Optus is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia competing with other big companies like Telstra. It operates with its own infrastructure and it is supported by the National Broadband Network too for providing wireless internet services and telephonic services.
Initially, Optus was named Aussat but nowadays it usually operates under the brand Optus. However, it also maintains subsidiary brands, such as Virgin Mobile Australia and Boost Mobile, both of them operating in the mobile market, or Alphawest in the ICT market. The Optus customer care service is also recognized for its quality services so you can call Optus for making any question about its different fares or services.

Optus & Mobile telephony

In mobile telephony, Optus has mobile network equipment provided by some of the most important communications companies such as Nortel, Nokia and Huawei, and also its antennas are sourced from organisations like Andrews or RFS. In addition, Optus network operates in a large bandwidth frequencies all over the Australian continent. In this way, it operates with 2G GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE frequencies, but the 2G network is going to be disappeared on 1st April 2017.

Contact to Optus

Finally, if you are searching the Optus contact, you have a phone directory called Customer number, that let you to contact Optus and solve your questions about anything you need.

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