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Free phone number and customer care telephone number for qantas: (click to call from mobile)

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If you have arrived to this point on Customer number, it means that you want some important information about Qantas as well as the Qantas phone number.

Qantas main Information

Qantas is an airline company founded in 1920 in Queensland with the name Queensland and Northen Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS). Nowadays Qantas is the largest Australian airline in both domestic and international flights. Since its merge with Australia Airlines, Qantas covers 41 destinations across the globe. In order to facilitate as many customer bookings as possible, Qantas has a fleet composed of 144 planes, Boeings and Airbus being in its majority. Alan Joyce is its Chief Executive Officer. Qantas has since opened its new Centre of Service Excellence, a fully functioning centre to introduce its brand orientated customer experience training programme. In addition to this, the centre is used for social events with more than two hundred thousand people passing through its doors.

Call Qantas using the Qantas number for contact enquiries to know more about this Centre and its uses. Qantas has other subsidiary companies such as Qantas Catering Group Limited, Qantas Freight, Express Ground Handling, Qantas Holidays, Qantas Defence Services and Jetstar, its low-cost airline operating in Australia and Asia. More information regarding this can be found if you get the Qantas contact on the available numbers.

Qantas’ achievements

In 2013 Qantas received upward of 15.9 billion Australian Dollars in revenue. Its human resources team consists of upwards of 33,265 employees. The large majority of employees reside in Australia, making Qantas a truly home-grown company. For assistance in any of the above discussed topics or any additional questions, customers should make use of Qantas Customer Care and contact Qantas through a variety of platforms.

Contact to Qantas

Qantas has a program for its customers called Qantas Frequent Flyer, should you require some more information on this or any enquiries you can contact Qantas and speak to a representative who will answer any questions. is a company with the drive to provide customer connections to business or vacation journeys.

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  1. Jane G .V. says:

    I just wanna know, how can I pay the ticket if online booking?.. and how about if phone booking?.. thanks!

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    what do you need to take a cremation urn overseas on the plane

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    How do I find a phone number for Qantas to speak to a person????

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    I am the same as the above person, i am in thailand and the qantas centre is trying to rip me off for our grandson to fly with us to brisbane, when i ring the 131313 number i am put on hold for 1 hour, i even tried to ring at 3.00 a.m. aussie time, but still no answer. what number can i use????

  5. Maida Chand says:

    Why is it so difficult to speak to a person at Qantas

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