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Maybe you are trying to find the Quest Diagnostics phone number. Your search will be easier now you are in Customer Number, because we have a team full of qualified agents who work for providing you the phone numbers that you need as well as information about this enterprise and others. You just keep reading if you want to call Quest Diagnostics or if you want more information about it.

What is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics is an international company that provides clinical laboratory services worldwide. It is a corporation created in 1967 in New York City by Paul Brown by the name of Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory, Inc., but it changed during the following years. Nowadays, the company has grown enormously, and its headquarters are located in Madison, New Jersey. However, it runs operations globally due to collaborative agreements with many hospitals and clinics. In addition to this, the main countries where the company operates are United Kingdom, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Furthermore, Quest Diagnostics is one of the industry leaders in ethics and integrity, and it pertains to the Fortune 500 and the Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes. Also, the company has around 45,000 active employees and offers more than $7 billion in revenue per year.

Quest Diagnostics Services

Its main services are focused on offering access to different diagnostic testing services for several diseases like cancer, infectious diseases or neurological disorders. Another of its most important services is the Quest Diagnostics customer care service. This is a service that provides to the users, from the Quest Diagnostics official webpage, personalized assistance for the customers and other topics of importance.

Contact to Quest Diagnostics

To sum up, if you still looking the Quest Diagnostics contact, you have the Customer Number’s service that is here for supporting you to contact Quest Diagnostics.

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