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If you are looking for the Sportscraft phone number or the Sportscraft customer care phone number, this website called Customer Number, which is a complete phone directory, will provide you all what you need, even information about this company, its history and its business model.

What is Sportscraft?

Sportscraft is an Australian fashion brand that offers both women’s and men’s clothes. The brand clothes are distributed through their own outlets and through department stores. They count with almost thirty of their own outlets.
The business was founded by Wolf Bardas in 1914, so that they count with around a hundred years of experience in the fashion market. Initially, the company was known as Sportsleigh and it was a tailoring business. Soon, it grew and expanded and, in 1948, the name was changed to Sportscraft.
The current owners of Sportscraft are John Marshall and Andrew Michael. They employ more than 500 people by the current day. Moreover, the headquarters of the company are located in New South Wales, in Sydney.

Sportscraft official webpage

In the Sportscraft official webpage we have the most important information about the company. Also we can navigate around men and women lookbooks and we can check the operating sales of the moment. In this webpage we can know more about the Sportscraft signature too and contact Sportscraft and its customer service.

You can become a VIP member from the official webpage too. You just need to create an account and add your personal information for being part of the Sportscraft VIP team. This membership gives a lot of benefits to its customers, for example discounts, birthday’s gifts and exclusive invitations to VIP only events and sales.

Contact to Sportscraft

At the end, if you are looking for the Sportscraft contact, you can find it thank to Customer Number that will provide you al what you need and helping you to call Sportscraft, as well as other additional information and phone numbers.

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1800 002 477
02 9181 2508
No offer for the moment
Mon-Wed: 10:00am-5:30pm Thurs: 10:00am-7:30pm Fri: 10:00am-5:30pm Sat: 9:00am-6:00pm Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm

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  1. Heather Bowden says:

    Hi , I am a VIP of sportscraft and live in adelaide and buy my sportscraft clothing in marion westfield shopping centre!
    I love the cord ladies jeans in boot cut or straight leg but you didn’t have any out this winter , so are hoping next winter you may have some ? Country road had some but the skinny ones and not what I would wear! Thankyou, Heather Bowden

  2. Heather Bowden says:

    Love my new tops I bought this winter!

  3. Heather Bowden says:

    Thank you Linda for your reply and look forward to next winter cords now ! Thanks again , Heather Bowden Adelaide

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