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What is Justdial?

Justdial is an Indian company with its headquarters situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Justdial offers services to its customers via telephone, web and SMS. Justdial was founded in 1987 and is based upon the idea that the yellow pages services would be much more useful if they were provided over the phone. However, the company did not start working straight away because V.S.S. Mani (the founder) could not afford the costs of a telephone connection.With such humble beginnings, Justdial began in a 15sq foot garage with very little furniture and computers that had to be rented. Despite this slow start, Justdial has grown exponentially to include Android and iPhone applications that were introduced in 2011.  Throughout these applications, users can search for restaurants, latest movies and more.

How does Justdial work?

Justdial works with the basic premise that people can speak with an operator who will search for their request and send the information directly to them via SMS or email. Essentially the clue is in the name as It is simply to think up a query and then call Just dial number to have your answer in moments. The Justdial number is an easy, streamline way of connecting to local and national business without the hassle of searching through piles of information.

In terms of growing variety of service, Justdial has advanced from just being a means of location and service information to being in control and facilitating the needs of both the customer and provider, giving a more seamless, easy service to all.

Contact to Justdial

To access Justdial Customer care number is very simple and easy and their lines are open twenty four hours a day to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. Call Justdial for anything from airline tickets to pet care and far beyond., connecting customers with efficiency and ease, also gives you further information about companies and brands.


The Vodafone phone number is searched by many people and Customer Number is a website where you will find it. If you want more information, keep Reading.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is a mobile telecommunications company and one of the leaders in mobile communication with a wide presence all over the world, although it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Besides, its registered office is located in Newbury, Berkshire, in the United Kingdom. In Australia, Vodafone’s service is operated by Vodafone Hutchison Australia or VHA. VHA was founded after the merger between Hutchison 3G Australia and Vodafone Australia in 2009. Nowadays, Vodafone Australia counts with around 5.4 million customers in the country. The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Hutchinson Australia is Bill Morrow. In addition, the company counts with around 4000 employees. Vodafone has a significant presence around the word with more than 400 million customers.

Vodafone fees

The evolution of technology and the great advances of communication have as a result changes in the way we communicate, thus it’s no longer just a matter of being able to talk or text. People want to share images and videos as soon as they’re captured, to share with their family and friends thoughts or feelings. In this sense, the network of Vodafone allows people to do this and much more. Their goal is to find new ways to help people to communicate, even if one person is on the other part of the world. Whether an enterprise or an individual, Vodafone offers solutions that cater to the needs of their clients through a wide range of world- class tariffs plans Vodafone, data packages and special offers that can be asked to the team of Vodafone phone number.

Contact to Vodafone

The website Vodafone enables their clients to see all the products and services they offer. To answer any customer queries, Vodafone has a dedicated team to ensure customers receive their answers promptly. Simply call Vodafone Customer Service. In addition to this, you can contact Vodafone Australia using a variety of mediums like email, telephone and social media that our web page provides you without any stress.

Maybe you are in Customer Number because you are looking for a quality phone directory in which you can find all the information that you need and the Telstra phone number.

What is Telstra?

Telstra or Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian’s electronic media company. It is the largest provider of local and long distance telephony. Telstra also provides mobile phone services, broadband internet and pay television. It was created in 1901 as part of the Australian government but later, it was privatized. Its head office is in Melbourne, Australia. Telstra has also a strong presence internationally, operating for more than 70 years and with around 3,000 employees based in 22 countries outside Australia. That’s why their customers are global and the decades they have been working have established them as one of the largest leaders in the Asia-Pacific.

Telstra Activities

Telstra is a company that provides technology solutions for your business, for your home or for government customers through a wide range of products and services. With the increase and development of communication and technology, they are looking at opportunities in key markets that will help people and businesses stay close in their key activities, business and leisure or just during their day life. Also, they’re always searching for new technologies opportunities. That’s means they will provide you the latest and sophisticated products and services.

About Telstra customer service’s number

Telstra has website that enables their clients to see their plans, products and services. To answer any customer queries, they have the Telstra contact, managed by a dedicated team that will help you with all your questions related with your orders, problems, with their service, bills or any information you need or you would like to know. Simply call Telstra to request using a verified Telstra number and you will be connected very soon with them. In addition to this, you can contact Telstra Australia through variety of mediums like email and social media. is a service committed that offers you the opportunity to be in touch with them without any hassle.

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What is Commander?

Commander is a telecommunications company set in Australia. The company started to operate with a franchising scheme in 2006, when it set up a “Commander Center” franchise in Tasmania. Soon Commander sold over 30 other “Commander Centre” franchises.
Some years ago, in 2009, Commander was sold to M2 Telecommunications due to some financing problems. M2 maintained the Commander Centre presence throughout Australia.

Commander Services

Furthermore, Commander is specialized on business communications. It is focused on providing technology solutions and communications for Australian businesses from more than 30 years. Also this company provides all the necessary tools for making businesses staying connected, offering services that involve all forms of communications: mobile, broadband, office phone, and data technologies. If you have any doubt about its services, you have the Commander Customer care service, a service which has an active Live Chat where you can ask for any request.

The Commander Customer Care centre provides access to a highly responsive staff which will solve any communication need, including these tasks that involve any technical support. This team will always give to your business an integrated solution.

Contact to Commander

To sum up, if you still looking for the Commander Contact, here in the website of Customer Number our team will be glad for supporting you to call Commander, as well as giving you the phone number of this company and of any company that you are looking for in Australia.