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What’s Thai Airways?

Thai Airways is a national company, under the Ministry of Transport of Thailand. It is a public company registered on the Thai Stock Exchange since 1991, with the Ministry of Finance as the dominant shareholder. It is a company that transports passengers, cargo and postal packages. It operates routes to major cities in Thailand and major cities around the world. In addition to the main activity, it has other related business activities through business agreements to provide passenger service, equipment repair, food and beverage service, aircraft maintenance service, training of flight attendants , Aviation fuel services and airplanes reservation.

The company maintains a number of commitments to serve as a route for the domestic and international market, while focusing on the safety, comfort and service standards that reflect the Thai identity; Monitor the business in accordance with international standards to create sustainable growth and increase revenue for shareholders; Help, strengthen and respond to society and the environment as a national airline.

Thai Airways is part of the Star Alliance network, which was founded in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance to offer unified international traveller service worldwide. The Star Alliance network offers more than eighteen thousand daily flights to over one thousand one hundred and ninety-three airports. Thai Airways is committed to the global effort to minimize the impact of the aviation sector on the environment. The company has decided to adopt the carbon offset program as it is an easily accessible tool that allows airlines to offer passengers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions.

Thai Airways Contact

On the official website, users can plan their intended travel destinations, rates, schedules, travel documents, special services during flights and conditions. In addition, you can book your flights and manage your check-in as well as gain access to the personal area. Users can request more information through the customer service number for assistance.

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