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Free phone number and customer care telephone number for ticketek: (click to call from mobile)

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Maybe you want to buy a ticket, or maybe you are looking for the Ticketek contact, so the team of Customber Number is here for helping you.

What is Ticketek?

Ticketek is the principal ticketing company in Australia and New Zeland. Since 1979, it has provided people with tickets to the biggest live shows in Australia and New Zealand. The business is owned by Nine Entertainment Co with its headquarters situated in Sydney, Australia, in addition to this, Ticketek also has offices in Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide, Hamilton, Brisbane, Wellington, Canberra, Gold Coast, Christchurch and Perth. Ticketek has existing contracts with a number of venues, including Melbourne cricket ground, Sydney cricket ground and Sydney Entertainment Centre. Customers can use the Ticketek contact through the official Ticketek contact number found online.

The process of buying tickets

To purchase tickets, customers can contact Ticketek online, in person, through the app or in many of the outlets and locations situated in a variety of venues. These outlets, placed conveniently in a variety of locations such as shopping centres, pharmacies and newsagents, act as agencies and therefore do not take telephone bookings or enquiries by phone. Ticketek issues around eighteen million tickets to thousands of events per year to its customers. Due to this, Ticketek offers the highest level of customer service to handle the big influx of custom it receives. Should it be that you need a replacement ticket due to loss or damage, contact Ticketek via email with the relevant details. Ticketek offers its services for receiving tickets via a number of platforms such as SMS, ezyTicket – an at home PDF print out of your ticket and registered mail.

Contact Ticketek

If you choose to receive your tickets via mail, take note that this can take between 10 to 15 days to arrive with the pick up point being your nearest post office. In order to contact Ticketek regarding enquiries and bookings you must either contact Ticketek online directly or call the Ticketek phone number to speak to someone regarding any enquiries. Customernumber.com.au is ready to help you 24h/24!

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42 responses to “Ticketek”

  1. Davina Mackenzie says:

    I have a purchase for tickets from Ticka tek Melbourne on my maastercard, I think some one has used a stolen card-mine.!!!! I need some information and help. please.

  2. Gail Jamieson says:

    Please help i have purchased tickets to the Old State of Origin on 22 June and i have the incorrect seating may i please change this to the correct seating and the correct Maroons pack not the Blatcheys Blue pack ??

  3. Chris Landless says:

    I have a 5 hour drive before i can get to the show and i still cant find where my tickets are?

  4. Bronwyn says:

    I have been trying to call since 2.30pm today and line keeps saying busy how is this possible??

    • Leonie Charlesworth says:

      I HAVE BEEN USING 132849 TO TRY AND TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT TICKETS TO DISNEY ALADDIN. All i get is Sydney tickets. How do i get tickets to Melbourne.

  5. Shanna Croker says:

    I’d like to book ticjets for a person in a wheelchair

  6. angela says:

    hi there,
    i am trying to purchase tickets for disney on ice and we hold a concession card but i dont see the option anywhere to enter my card details.

    can u help me out?


  7. Rebecca Crampton says:

    hello, I need to talk to someone to make a booking. I need an aisle seat as I will have a baby with me, but I cannot seem to find a number to talk to an actual person. Please help!!

  8. Robert Axiak says:

    I have purchased 4 tickets for Nitro Circus at the start of April and my tickets still haven’t arrived or received an Email as yet. The Melbourne show we are seeing is this Friday 27th May. Need to receive my tickets urgently even via ezyticket: Print At Home. Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

  9. william says:

    I want an upgrade on my purchased tickets but cant get thru on yr phone line…I need this done asap..please help

  10. Chris says:

    I have a Gift Voucher. I have been told I cant buy Football Tickets with these. Why is this?

  11. Michelle p Hilton says:

    I would like to buy 2 tickets to Billy crystal on 13th July I’m in hospital so don’t have the energy to constantly ring could you please help me

  12. Allison says:

    We purchased a gift voucher for a friend and the vouchers are only available for 6 months. I had asked at the time of purchasing the voucher if it can be extended and was told yes once the the voucher expires. I have emailed ticketek every week since and have not had a reply. I have even tried to use the voucher but there was no option when I selected the tickets for a voucher. I wouldn’t purchase another gift voucher again.

  13. Lyn Ganter says:

    I purchased 3 tickets for singjng in the rain Sat 18 2pm, is it possible to exchange them to sat 2 July 2pm as I’m interstate with work now and can’t make it?

  14. Samantha says:

    Hi, I’ve been calling for days to book tickets and still can’t get thru. I would book online but you have a limit on the amount. Need to book ASAP!

  15. Julie davis says:

    I have vouchers valid 30/6/16 can I extend

  16. tracy warner says:

    Hi trying to purchase tickets to monster jam in October, been trying to call for over 2 hours,

    can someone please contact me asap.

  17. chun says:

    how come i couldn’t make a payment? want to buy wiggle show tickets in vic.

  18. greg moody says:

    I have a Gift Voucher. It appears that I cant buy AFL Football Tickets with these. Why is this?

  19. Julie Syme says:

    Are the prepaid collection outlets open on Friday 30th September in Melbourne to collect AFL Grand Final tickets

  20. Roy Embrey says:

    I have been trying to purchase tickets for monster jam Brisbane and I keep getting an busy tone can someone please contact me thanks

  21. Libby Norris says:

    Hello – How can I print off my Adele tickets with only the bottom half of the ticket and barcode. I do not want to waste all my black ink on the huge black square with Adele photo in it. Waste of ink.

  22. Greg Orrock says:

    I have purchased 2 tickets to the Wonder of You concert via iPhone Transaction says paid for 2,but when I see the tickets,it’s only one ticket

  23. Greg Orrock says:

    Purchased 2 tickets to”Wonder of You” transaction shows 2 tickets paid for,but only one ticket comes up

  24. Greg Orrock says:

    I’ll tell you what the problem is,you’ve closed your outlets down and to ring,you don’t get through.Ticketek,you’re a joke!!!

  25. K says:

    I have purchased tickets to the Stephen Backshall concert on Wednesday 25 Jan at 6. 00pm (ie tomorrow). I purchased the tickets over 20 days ago and they have not arrived in the mail. What can I do to get my tickets.

  26. Helen Clark says:

    Help, I have an incorrect charge on my credit card.

  27. Helen Clark says:

    I supplied details of your incorrect charge on my credit card 1 week ago and no one has contacted me!!!!!!!!

  28. deborah lynch says:

    Have brought vip tickets to Adele Sydney 11th March, which includes a 2hr harbour cruise, would like to know details regarding where we get onboard – circular quay or darling harbour

  29. Rita Prosylis says:

    Hello, I ordered crows tickets upgrade today and doubled up on the game on the 13/5/17, can you please cancel order number 229xxxxx customer no 17xxxx, 14xxx. Can you please refund the money back into my account. Thank you

  30. Caitlyn says:

    Hi, I recently placed an order for 4 little mix tickets in Brisbane, although once i entered my card details and submitted the payment, a black box appeared saying please wait processing order. It did say it would take a few minutes but it has been processing since 7pm on Wednesday night (8th March), and it is now Thursday the 9th and the screen is still the same. What do i do? Still want the tickets but im unsure whether the payment has gone through or not. Thanks

  31. Lara seresin says:

    I bought 2 tickets for the patty smith concert in Sydney coming up but have no record of the purchase .what should I do to receive a confirmation from ticketec ? Lara seresin

  32. Maria Casabene says:

    I would like to purchases tickets for Mercedes fashion week.
    14th May x2 4pm Dion lee
    15th May x2 10am Alice McCall
    Please contract me l am from Melbourne
    Cheers Maria

  33. Mandy Young says:

    I have booked tickets and accidently selected insurance and have contacted covermore to cancel it which they have done and advised that I need to call through to Ticketek directly to get my refund and have been calling the 132849 number all day and it’s constantly engaged. Can you please advise how I can get through to get my refund.

  34. john baker says:

    I have been double booked for the Pacquiao vs Horn fight erroneously. 132849 is constantly engaged and the alternative “free no” 1902256896 incurs $2 p/min charges. I have submitted an online complaint form available. BE ALERT EVERYONE!

  35. Keith Dickinson says:

    I bought and paid for two tickets to the Townsville 400 on the 16/3/17 and paid express postage but I have still not received them or any communication from them and the phone line is always engaged. How do I get my tickets as Ticketek got paid straight away

  36. John Crossley says:

    have been trying to ring special assistance line for hours each day and it is always an engaged signal need to purchase my tickets but cant do it if we cant get through

  37. D.MERCER says:


  38. karen says:

    I have been trying to get monsterjam tickets for October have been ringing since Tuesday . I cant seem to find out the hours they are open . Being engaged everyday all day is a bit ridicoulas. They cannot be that busy everyday all day long

  39. Samantha says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to book 11 tickets to toruk, however it only appears to enable me to book 10 tickets. Is there anyway i can purchase these tickets without deviding my group of friends?
    thanks, sam

  40. Tracey says:

    I need to contCt ticketek with a phone number unable to locate. I have tickets purchased using my credit card need to speak with someone please. Can these be cancelled. Please provide me with phone number

  41. Wayne Little says:

    I have tickets to Jerry Seinfeld in Sydney .
    Can I take an 11yr old ? What is his rating ?I cant find one .

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