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Ticketek is the principal ticketing company in Australia and New Zeland. Since 1979, it has provided people of tickets for the biggest live shows in Australia and New Zeland. The business is owned by Nine Entertainment Co. Its headquarter is in Sydney, Australia, but Ticketek also has offices in Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide, Hamilton, Brisbane, Wellington, Canberra, Gold Coast, Christchurch and Perth.

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53 Responses to “Ticketek”

  1. Marlene Johnson says:

    I am trying to get a full refund of my money for the Rolling Stones Hospitality package, can you tell me how to do this

  2. Danielle Pinal says:

    I’ve sent 7 e-mails and no response. Been trying to sort my tickets out for 2 weeks. I’ve Been to agent’s they told me to contact ticketek. Phone been engaged all day everyday for over 2 weeks. I’m a first time customer and this is ridiculous.. How can I contact you or do I need to contact consumer affairs? I’ve bought 6 tickets and on my ticketek says. No transaction history? But u took ny money. Not happy

    • James McMahon says:

      I have tried to purchase tickets to Monster Trucks Gold Coast online and finished booking and submitted Credit Card and new screen came up saying welcome James for joing Ticketek then screen when blank, I do not know if I have purchased tickets or not. Please verify
      James McMahon

      • Russell says:

        What a hopeless organsiation. You can’t phone them, you are left at the mercy of a damn machine. A total conga line of incompetence and the most flagrant attitude to customer service. What a joke. Trying to get a refund is like trying to broker peace between them….and them….

  3. Jacki Craig says:

    Can I have a phone number that works? 132849 gives engaged signal

    • Sylvia Patterson says:

      Have requested a new password several times – not sent
      Have tried to re-register – no luck
      Have tried to telephone – continually engaged
      How else can I book for Walking with Dinosaurs before they become extinct again!

    • jack ross says:

      I call 132849 and always get busy signal. I only want to ask a question about gift vouchers.

    • Samantha laviano says:

      I am having the same problem, I have a concert in 7 days and I’ve misplaced my tickets, can’t get through to anyone.

    • Frank harrington says:

      What a waste of time trying to get through on the phone. I have purchased a soccer ticket gone through the motions of paying for it. My credit cards details are correct , the cost is calculated automatically but when I go to pay I get the message ‘an error has occurred updating the basket total cost, please review the cost before resubmitting payment’. I can’t change the cost or update no matter how I try. I give up

  4. Wayne caldwell says:

    Same thing here, what give TICKETEK, we need to be able to contact you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heidi says:

    As mentioned above and ALL over the internet the customer service is terrible. I did not receive my tickets for weeks and weeks and weeks even though they were a gift. Both times I have tried to contact Ticketek over the phone I have been completely UNABLE TO GET THROUGH no matter what time I call.

  6. Nadine says:

    Trying to contact you is utterly a nightmare you have to many prompts to many options and all I wanted was a person to talk to about a problem on the phone 2 hours it will make me think twice about using ticketek again very frustrated

  7. Deborah Williams says:

    Could you please send me the receipt for tickest purchased for nrl game in Newcastle 9/8 – knights versus the Storm email adrress or contact me on 43 52 3880

  8. Stu Sellar says:

    As others have stated I cant get through on the 132849 no.
    now on the 1399665915 to ask if they know . I need to check on a regular direct debit coming out of my account to check what it is. This is really frustrating and now be on hold for 15mins. Whats going on ?

  9. Rob says:

    I have been trying to contact Ticketek to clarify some ticket purchases (as the website seems to want to sell me things I don’t want) but to no avail.
    This experience does not encourage me to book with them given my already unsatisfactory encounter, not to mention trying to find a contact number in the first place!

  10. Jaki says:

    I in NZ and cannot find a phone number that I can call to get my issue sorted out. I have emailed and they said I had to get the credit card holder to contact them – THAT WOULD BE ME!!! I can’t reply to them on my personal email from work so replied from my work email and they respond automatically saying that email is not associated with my account so they won’t update my ‘incident’ so I changed my email address in my account and still it won’t let me ‘update the incident’ This is useless!!!

  11. nitin says:

    Call informashan

  12. Dick Russell says:

    Can someone ring my mobile re no tickets received

  13. Jodie says:

    OMG, after reading all this I am not surprised I have wasted an hour trying to contact you people!!! what a disgrace, I need my tickets please!!!

  14. Francis says:

    How is it possible to not have an option to talk about possible fraudulent transaction from my account? I have wasted an hour searching your website and trolling your customer service line automated menu, and there is no way of getting through to anyone. And after all this time am back where I started – a question involving a transaction I didn’t make. Please advise.

  15. Lynn says:

    most useless system ever. Just want to speak to a person. Prompts take you off on a total tangent.

  16. Maddison says:

    I have been trying to get through to ticketek for hours to see if they sell the concert tickets I am after as the site doesn’t show them!!

  17. Sid says:

    I have been trying to ring the 13 28 49 number, contant busy , cant print ezytickets, no replies, they are quick to take the money but no service

  18. Yvonne Sadler says:

    On the 8th November I booked 2 tickets for Human Nature, (1st May). The amount of $210.60 was deducted from my account on that day. I have not received any advice that you have received my booking or that you have sent any tickets. This is a Christmas present so I would like a reply by return mail.

  19. Yvonne Sadler says:

    On the 8th November I booked 2 tickets for Human Nature, (1st May). The amount of $210.60 was deducted from account on that day. I have not received any advice that you have received my booking or that you have sent any tickets. This is a Christmas present so I would like a reply by return mail.

  20. Chris says:

    Ive tried everything. Where I work used to be an agency and this is the reason we removed them from our work place.

    Im ready to walk into there Melbourne office and demand Answers.

  21. Emma says:

    Bought tickets, money deducted, no transaction history, no reciept, no tickets, no answering the phones! Whats going on Ticketek?? Im not the only one!

  22. Allen says:

    Bought tickets a ten days ago, haven’t received any emails or confirmations even though my money was taken no problems…. Been on hold now 34 minutes.
    Will never use ticketec again
    Will use every avenue to encourage anyone I know not to use them. Pathetic.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Allen, just wondering if you had any luck with Ticketek in the end???? I’m freaking out because I’ve been charged for tickets that I have not received, and have been on hold with them for 40 bloody minutes now – am still on hold! SO frustrating!!!!!!!!
      I agree with you I’m never using them again.
      Just wondering if you had any luck with getting through to them?

  23. Resy Vella says:

    I bought Neil Diamond tickets for Christmas, I have not received any tickets as yet, tomorrow is Christmas Day and I have nothing to give my husband except for a receipt, have tried calling and this is my second email. Please send me something via email so as I can give something to my husband tomorrow Regards Resy

  24. lynne forrest says:

    please help need to call to see where my tickets are just can not get thought to you by phone need some answers regards Lynne

  25. Tracy says:

    My god has anyone got their tickets. I paid registered mail 7-10 days delivery and it is what 3-4 weeks later. And contact them that is impossible. Can someone please tell me where my tickets are????????

  26. Guri says:

    Bought my tickets two weeks ago.selected mobile deleivery option for tickets.no tickets no message.tried calling them user busy.so how i am suppose to go to the event????

  27. Nine Entertainment Co says:

    I like all of You spent good money and brought a ticket for a concert.
    I also cannot get through to ticketek let alone get My ticket for the up and coming concert which I paid for including insurance cost.
    It’s funny how We can get ripped off and Big Business can get away with it.
    If You tried ripping off the system You would be faced with threats and charges without the options to defend Yourself.
    There are those that rely on Us for mega dollars, and as long as the dollars keep rolling in their are no questions asked.

  28. Jean says:

    I ordered Eagles tickets on 11th December at Allphones Arena

    I still haven’t received my tickets – How long does it take?, I can’t get through on the phone number to check where they are.

  29. Joe says:

    i have been calling you for 2 weeks at different times of the day re Guy Sebastian Concert in Sydney. this is very poor customer service. Do you have another number??.

  30. LS says:

    WHAT A SCAM!!! i have registered thinking i would be able to negotiate the system quicker! Dont bother! Do the owners and shareholders of this shockingly offensive customer service business know how it operates? And for those poor beggers who have to work there, get out, you are in a hell hole, get out among the professionals who make you feel good about your job! I will be sure to tell one and all of my experience!!! Pathetic

  31. Shauna says:

    I called the 132849 number – it is engaged a lot but after calling about 10 times i got through. Once the automated person came on she had no options for my query. I just didnt answer her so after 3 attempts from the automated lady she said she was going to transfer me to an operater. Spoke to Corey – he was so helpful and was able to help immediately with my query. It is definitely better speaking to a person rather than beeing iven limited options. Thank you.

  32. erick bassman says:

    it’s a nightmare. i did not received confirmation of my purchase and this Phone number 132849 is a scam. noway to talk to someone.They take the money and Bye
    BIG looser
    never more with Ticketek

  33. Michael Wyett says:

    FALSE ADVERTISING – I purchased (August 2014) 2 ticket for my wife’s birthday to see Kenny Rogers (1pm show). On entry, we were told the support acts start at 2pm and KR was due to perform at 5.30pm. We had driven for 1 hour, waited 3 hours for the gates to open, left our children with carers (needing to return at 6pm) and expected to stand in the sun for 7-8 hours. Having paid $240 to see Kenny Rogers, we had to leave before he started. At no point did we receive any material that stated his start time. My wife cried all the way home. PLEASE CONTACT ME

  34. Brad says:

    Well well well, it seems i am not the only person unable to have you answer your phone number, the 132849 number that is everywhere on the net, mind you!
    Silly old consumer me, with a pocket full of money, only wants some boring old questions answered, and to help with that wishes to speak to a human, just in regard to an actual event (that someone sillier than you, gave you the ticketing rights to) that you will be selling tickets to in March 2015. So nothing really out of the ordinary one would think.
    However judging by the number of calls i have made lately with no answer, nothing but the engaged signal, it would seem that i should have started making enquiries with you 6 months out from the tickets on sale date, as it seems to me at this stage that it may take that long before even an automated freak answers your damn phone!!!
    Look, to be perfectly honest, if the information provided on your website was understandable i would not even need to be calling you, BECAUSE I WOULD KNOW, WOULDN’T I?
    But then i am just the silly consumer (who along with people not too dissimilar to myself help to pay each and every one of your wages).
    The information in question that i do not understand is for State of Origin game 3 2015 in Brisbane.
    Your site tells me platinum (the most expensive) catergory 1 tickets are $265, good good, off to a solid start, price question answered. Tick.
    So of course, as any sensible customer would, i refer to your supplied venue map at the bottom of the ticket price and catergory page to check where catergory 1 actually is. Catergory 1 sounds like a pretty good position to be sitting in!
    Ahhh, this is where my frustration grows!
    On your venue map, NOWHERE is it written catergory 1 or 2 or 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7!
    Nor is there any colour coding denoting platinum or gold or silver etc etc seating sections. There are only numbers from 300 odd to 700 odd!
    Why why why is your venue map like this when clearly it is configured completely different to the way you have explained the seating areas with their prices, which, as i stated, is done by catergories not numbers in the hundreds.
    I have to ask just quietly, did a ‘work for the dole’ guy set the system up or was it that pimply work experience kid that nobody in the office liked, and this is his way of having your potential customers pull their hair out.
    I guess we could blame him for messing with the phone number too!
    OR, could it be that you really just don’t take any pride in providing an easy yet professional service to people.
    Seriously, would you like me to take your IT bloke out the back and remind him of his KPI’s and perhaps also remind him or her of your drug and alcohol policy, (assuming you have one), that you can not come to work under the influence of illicit substances, bugger it, let’s make them pee in a cup because someone is really off their head to produce this claptrap!
    Infact all of you need to pee in a cup, because after reading so so many other comments about the substandard service provided or should i say service not provided at all by you, one could begin to think your organisation is a pathetic joke.

    And i am trying very hard to not start going on about your booking fees and delivery charges that are ridiculously cruel and so over the top.
    Nothing ever gets better with you ticket selling geezers does it?
    I still remember 1994 particularly well when Pearl Jam boycotted ticketmaster and along with members from REM testified before congress in the USA. Both were very vocal about shenanigans and monopolization and over the top fees!
    And yes i do realise you are not ticketmaster, however i also remember around 2012 or so you, ticketek, and the aforementioned ticketmaster received the shonky award from CHOICE for excessive fees!
    But hey, i’m just the silly old customer who has little choice in having to deal with clowns like you when i wish to attend a venue.
    On that note, i bid you farewell.
    But i’ll bet you definitely won’t pick up the phone for me now!
    P.S i do know a discount pharmacy where you can get a good deal on the cups you pee in for drug testing, you only have to ask me!
    Oh that’s right, you hardly ever respond to customers so i WON’T expect your reply!
    Au revoir.

  35. Alan says:

    I was so excited to have the chance to see Liverpool play the Brisbane Roar in July. I haven’t seen them play since I left UK to live in this so called Lucky Country in 1954. Been a fan of the Club since 1947. But I don’t know how anyone could get a ticket to the game after reading all the foregoing dismal experiences. I am seriously considering giving up before I start. Seems like hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ticket costs have been spent … and the stadium will likely be a “ghost stadium” I will see if I can get any joy before parting with a big chunk of my Age Pension to recognised “scheisters”.
    Stop the world … I wanna get off!

  36. Rebecca Pearce says:

    i bought tickets today online to Adelaide United versus Liverpool at Adelaide oval for 20/7/15 and had my credit card deducted twice for the same amount 30 minutes apart. Tried calling all day 9:30-5pm with constant engaged signal. Will be going to my bank tomorrow to arrange a refund!

    • Laite says:

      Hi Rebecca, I had the same problem getting thru. Just keep dialling the number constantly you will get thru, there are really annoying prompts but you will be able to speak to an operator.


  37. Mike Waldron says:

    Ticketek, you are a waste of good space.
    Totally hopeless

  38. Tushna M says:


    I have the Drake concert in one day and have not received my tickets.
    I have called, engaged all day, emailed, sent a message on your fbook page and via the website.

    I got through to someone on Friday who assured me I’d receive them within a couple of days. Please urgently contact me

  39. Sue Johnson says:

    Trying desperately to contact Ticketek trying to duplicate lost tickets. Phone number is always busy. Not even an email address for contact is not good enough.

  40. Liz Daniels says:

    Most incompetent answering service I’ve ever come across… continual recording of ‘services you need’ then back into the loop of self-broadcasting blar blar blar….. 27 minutes later I speak to someone….unbelievable!

  41. Julie says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you know when the tickets for the International Soccer game be mailed out? Like specific dates? It say late february but still have not heard anything.

  42. Cynthia says:

    I’ve misspelt my email address and I ordered two tickets but now I can’t change my tickets to another email becuase I misspelt it please I need your help

  43. Heidi says:

    I feel so silly… I was desperately, repeatedly submitting forgotten password yesterday, and wishing there was some way to contact ticketek. Then today, I looked in a certain gmail folder for something else, and there’s a thread with several ticketek password retrievals! They were being filtered to bypass my inbox all along, because that’s what I’d set up for the ticketek newsletters, but it captures everything ticketek, including important emails like passwords and purchases. Well, now I know, that if an important email is not coming through, I need to check my all-mail folder in case I’ve filtered it. HOWEVER, it is not good that the only viable way to communicate with ticketek is via a third party unlinked website such as this, and hope somebody’s reading.

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