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Virgin australia
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Virgin Australia Airlines is the second largest airline company of Australia. The brand was launched in May 2011 but the Virgin Company entered the Australian aviation market in 2000 with the former brand Virgin Blue. V Australia Airlines was an international airline, property of Virgin Australia, until 2011, when it was redesigned under the new brand: Virgin Australia. Under this name all services were unified as henceforth provided by Virgin Australia Holdings. The slogan of V Australia Airlines was “Everyday a new idea takes off”. In its beginnings, Virgin Australia boasted a fleet of 5 aircrafts. They also had 5 possible destinations: Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia; Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; and Los Angeles in the United States.

The headquarters of the company was situated in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and their operating bases were in the Sydney Airport. Nowadays Virgin Australia is based in Brisbane and serves 29 cities in Australia and also 50 worldwide destinations. It has a wide fleet composed of 96 Airbus, Boeing and Embraer planes. John Borghetti is the Chief Executive Officer and through his efforts the Company has amassed $98.1 million dollars as of 2013.The new Virgin Australia Airlines slogan is “Now you’re flying”.

Virgin Australia Airlines has website that enables passengers to book their flights online with ease. To answer any customer queries, Australia Airlines has a dedicated team to ensure customers receive their answers promptly. Simply call Virgin Australia to request information using a certified Virgin Australia number and you will be connected to an operator swiftly. In addition to this, you can contact Virgin Australia using a variety of mediums via email, telephone and social media. is a service committed to providing easy access connections to all of its customers, without any hassle or stress.

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