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Walmart is an American retailers multinational corporation that sell their products in big department stores. Managed by the Walton family, Walmart still is a family business. It is the biggest grocery store in the United States. Walmart has currently more than 8500 stores in 15 countries. However these stores are not always called Walmart, as they are registered under another name. Some Walmart’s stores have had a number of problems, as they have failed for example in North Corea. The main activity of Walmart Australia is the operation of supermarkets, developing a multi-format strategy that can offer suitable products to different customer segments throughout the entire national territory alternatives.

Additionally, the company offers various financial services to its customers through the subsidiary Walmart Australia Financial Services, and develops real estate projects through Walmart Australia Real Estate. With a presence of more than 55 years in the Australian market, 380 supermarkets, 12 shopping centers and more than 1.56 million current accounts on credit cards, Walmart remains the major player in the domestic industry supermarket. “Everyday Low Prices” is the motto that Walmart has become its hallmark around the world. To accomplish this, Walmart Australia has different supermarket formats targeted to meet the needs of all customers.

The own-brand products enhance the Walmart‘s proposal of beaing a Low Prices Company in the various segments in which they are present, standing out by offering convenient prices. This initiative seeks to increase the variety of alternatives in the categories in which they are present, through products specifically formulated to meet needs that are not being covered by other brands on the market. These products are available in the categories of food, supplies, pets, baby world, hardline, meat and fish, bakery pastry, home, health and wellness, offering a world of possibilities to suit the needs of each consumer. helps customers to contact several brands and it gives also general information.

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