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Now that you are in Customer Number it is possibly due to you are looking for the Western Union phone number. So if you stay at this webpage you will find the main information related to this company as well as its phone and other telephones of your interests.

What is Western Union?

Western Union is one of the leading companies in the branch of global payment services. This multinational gives support in the task of moving money all over the world, from small businesses and global corporations, to families, no matter where they are.

Furthermore, The Western Union company offers both financial and communications services. It was founded in 1851 in Rochester, New York, by Ezra Cornell. Initially, it was known as The Western Union Telegraph Company and in 1879 it became the most important telegraph company in America, thanks to its union with Russian Telegraph Company. Nowadays Western Union’s main activity is based on money transfers and bank drafts. Western Union had 909 million dollars of benefits in 2013 and it counts with 9.000 employees. Western Union is based in more than 200 countries in order to offer its services to as many clients as possible.

Western Union’s Services

From the Western Union official webpage users have the possibility of sending money, finding any Western Union location, knowing the different fares and price estimating for the process of sending money,  and contacting to the Western Union customer care service.

From the Customer Cares service, users can find the “Help Center”, where they can search for any topic or contact Western Union by any of their different ways (online chat, e-mail, phone or mail) to solve their doubts or queries.

Contact to Western Union

Lastly, if you need to call Western Union or you just were looking for some information about this company or others, the Customer Number’s service is always ready for supporting you and giving you a quality service which includes customer care telephones.

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